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All rights reserved © Cristina Daura / Âme Nue

Opening: 21.06.19 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Cristina Daura
Everything’s ok for now

Barcelona-based illustrator Cristina Daura explores the world, the love and the destruction from a very personal point of view. From a place where she had no trust nor experience to the opportunity of reaching an international audience via internet, her solo exhibition describes with bright colors the emotional states of a young artist. Her narrative panels are visual diaries of strange situations, reminiscent of doubts and opportunities which set her artistic journey.

Hours: Tue-Fri, 4-7 pm & Sat, 3-6 pm
+ by appointment

All rights reserved © Robin Hinsch / Âme Nue

Opening: 29.05.19 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Robin Hinsch

The Suwalki Corridor, a 65-kilometer-wide strip of territory linking Poland with Lithuania, is considered NATO’s most vulnerable choke point along its eastern flank and Europe most potential conflict zone. Using this military “Achilles' heel” as a metaphor, Robin Hinsch presents a cinematic sequence of photographic artefacts, hints and thoughts about the future of the European Union.  

Talk: Thursday, 13rd June at 6:30 pm
"Entering the Anthropocene"

Hours: Tue-Fri, 4-7 pm & Sat, 3-6 pm
+ by appointment

All rights reserved © Filipe Lippe / Âme Nue

Opening: 29.03.19 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Filipe Lippe
Cartographies de L’inconnu

In Cartographies de L’inconnu (Cartographies of the Unknown), the Brazilian artist Filipe Lippe shows an installation, visual poems, paintings and drawings that reflect on the permanence of colonialism in the present and its psychosocial cartography.

Talk: „Entering the Anthropocene” hosted by Fritz Habekuß of DIE ZEIT, with the South America correspondent of DIE ZEIT Thomas Fischermann & the Brazilian artist Filipe Lippe.

All rights reserved © Roman Moriceau / Galerie Derouillon

Opening: 21.02.19 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Roman Moriceau
Our exquisite replica of “eternity”

Âme Nue and DIE ZEIT journalist Fritz Habekuß launch „Entering the Anthropocene”, a new series of talks in which we will begin to explore this new epoch - the epoch of human impact - through the lenses of art and science. Speakers are artist Roman Moriceau and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Frank Fehrenbach (Art historian, Professor at Humboldt University Hamburg & former Senior Professor at Harvard University).

All rights reserved © Uroš Weinberger / Âme Nue

Opening: 01.11.18 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Uroš Weinberger
False Horizons
01.11.18 – 16.11.18

With the support of the Ministry
of Culture Slovenia and the Slovenian
Embassy in Berlin.

All rights reserved © Lu yang / Âme Nue

Opening : 06.09.18 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Lu Yang
Electromagnetic Brainology

Late Night Screenings:
13.09.18 & 14.09.18 at 9p.m.

With the support of the Ministry
of Culture and Media Hamburg.
In the context of CHINA TIME 2018.

All rights reserved © Marina Berio / Âme Nue

Opening: 06.06.18 at 7 pm
Two solo Exhibition

Marina Berio
The space in the mind in the body
in the space


Christine Fenzl
Land der Sonne

Official program OFF Triennale
der Photographie Hamburg 2018.

All rights reserved © Âme Nue

Opening: 25.05.18 at 7 pm
Group Exhibition

Goodbye Blue Sky
25.05.18 - 03.06.18

Âme Nue’s first curated group show.

All rights reserved © Gill Button / Âme Nue

Opening: 02.03.18 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Gill Button
From Iceland to Lalaland
02.03.18 - 24.03.18

All rights reserved © Eike König / Âme Nue

Opening: 07.09.17 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Eike König
07.09.17 - 07.10.17

All rights reserved © Thomas Baldischwyler / Stefan Marx / Alex Solman / Âme Nue

Opening: 31.03.17 at 7 pm
Group Exhibition

Thomas Baldischwyler,
Stefan Marx & Alex Solman
31.03.17 - 15.04.17

All rights reserved © Ruth van Beek / Âme Nue

Opening: 23.06.17 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Ruth van Beek
White Dog, Blue Ribbon
23.06.17 - 08.07.17

All rights reserved © Roman Moriceau / Âme Nue

Opening: 03.03.17 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Roman Moriceau
03.03.17 - 18.03.17

All rights reserved © Tim Bruening / Âme Nue

Opening: 09.09.16 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Tim Bruening
Wie Gott in Frankreich
09.09.17 - 23.09.17

All rights reserved © We Are Visual / Âme Nue

Opening: 19.02.16 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

We Are Visual
Marc Einsiedel & Felix Jung
Potenzieller raum
19.02.16 - 28.02.16

All rights reserved © Sarah Feuillas / Paul Gregor / Âme Nue

Opening: 25.09.15 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Sarah Feuillas & Paul Gregor
25.09.15 - 03.10.15

With the support of
Institut Français Hamburg.

All rights reserved © Tom Huet / Alexander Trattler / Âme Nue

Opening: 04.09.15 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Tom Huet & Alexander Trattler
Paysages Diffractés
/ Gebogene Landschaften
04.09.15 - 13.09.15

With the support of
Institut Français Hamburg.