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Josèfa Ntjam, Emeutes globuleuses (detail), 100x70, Chromalux print © Josèfa Ntjam / Nicoletti Contemporary

Opening weekend: 05 & 06.06 2021, 2pm-4pm
Group Exhibition

Animal Kingdom
05.06.21 –20.06.21

Martha Atienza, Odonchimeg Davaadorj,
Chioma Ebinama, Josèfa Ntjam, Lin May Saeed,
Hoda Tawakol & the artists of the Lebenshilfewerk Elbe

The exhibition"Animal Kingdom" is an ode to the spirit of ecological resistance, to critical and poetic thinking. In this fascinating world where animals, plants and organisms reign supreme, we reflect on our relationship with the living world, on humans' relentless pursuit of domination and profit at the cost ofthe deadly exploitation of natural resources. The spectator is taken on a journey, from the sky to the earth as well as into the infinite horizon of the sea and the depths of an underwater world.

Supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds

Opening hours: Wed-Sun, 3pm-6pm
by appointment: info@ame-nue.com

Tabita Rezaire, Sugar Walls Teardom, 2016, video installation, 21min30s © TABITA REZAIRE

Goddesses of Healing
Tabita Rezaire, Berni Searle,
Lorna Simpson & Buhlebezwe Siwani

–– The exhibition will open as soon as it is possible!

The group exhibition presents video works by contemporary artists Tabita Rezaire, Berni Searle, Lorna Simpson and Buhlebezwe Siwani, each exploring the black body as a vessel for addressing cultural wounds, history, memory and place. 'Goddesses of Healing' is a powerful healing journey through historical and social injustice. It is the complex layers of displacement, identity and belonging that are subtly explored in these performative narratives.

A curatorial collaboration between Âme Nue & M.Bassy supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg, the Claussen-Simon-Foundation, Berlin, the Daimler Art Collection & the Rudolf Augstein Foundation.

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The exhibition „The Peach Spring Beyond This World” presents interactive works by the Chinese new media artists aaajiao and Ye Funa. Inspired by the fable “The Peach Blossom Spring” by Tao Yuanming (421 CE) – the first narrative of utopia in Chinese literature – the exhibition explores the processuality of the Chinese concept of utopia and the question whether the virtual world could be a safe space for the new generation, a refuge for meditation and relaxation in which new models of communities and environments can be imagined.

With the support of the Stiftung Kunstfonds  NEUSTART KULTUR, Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg & Claussen-Simon-Stiftung

Visit the online exhibition www.peachblossomspring.art

All rights reserved © Âme Nue

Opening: 17.09.20 at 7 pm
Group exhibition

Seeking a now that can breed futures

Aaajiao, Karo Akpokiere, Sylvie Fanchon, Camila Oliveira Fairclough, Eythar Gubara, Moshtari Hilal, FelipeLippe, Stefan Marx, Sarah Naqvi & Hoda Tawakol

The group exhibition presents reflections on today’s society by artists whose communities have been experiencing discrimination, censorship and other institutional constraints as well as artists who identify as political allies. The artists' narratives, contextualized on wooden panels and made of paint, pencil or textile, are expressed in various forms and languages, abstract, figurative or textual. This exhibition is a space that wants to inhabit multiple perspectives on social inequalities without any attempt to create a uniform voice. In fact, it sees difference rather than sameness as a crucial resource for social change. The title of the exhibition is a tribute to the great writer and poetess Audre Lorde.⠀

All rights reserved © Moshtari Hilal / Âme Nue

Opening: 12.12.19 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Moshtari Hilal
The warm pillow was my mother.
The blanket my father.

Moshtari Hilal works with the drawn line as a symbol and means of a new visual language that refers to the black-haired body. Her search for a visual expression narrates the sensual experiences of those who exist beyond our aesthetic concepts and their political conditions — they birth a semi-autobiographical, archival, research work, which Hilal describes as a practice of reconciliation with negated beauty.

Artist Talk: 11.01.20 at 5 pm
Moshtari Hilal in Conversation with Sinthujan Varatharajah

All rights reserved © Sarah Naqvi / Âme Nue

Opening: 11.10.19 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Sarah Naqvi
شرم و حیا
Sharam o haya (Modesty, shame and reserve)

'Sharam o haya' is a phrase Sarah Naqvi grew up with and was taught to embody in the formative years of her life. It translates to modesty, shame and a moral code of conduct, that is often personalised to control narratives in the Muslim female diaspora. In her household, the quote ''Tameez, tehzeeb ke daaire mein raho'' (Stay within the lines of your culture and sophistication) targeted specifically anything that strayed away from the 'perceived femininity'.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg & in the context of INDIA WEEK

All rights reserved © Cristina Daura / Âme Nue

Opening: 21.06.19 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Cristina Daura
Everything’s ok for now

Barcelona-based illustrator Cristina Daura explores the world, the love and the destruction from a very personal point of view. From a place where she had no trust nor experience to the opportunity of reaching an international audience via internet, her solo exhibition describes with bright colors the emotional states of a young artist. Her narrative panels are visual diaries of strange situations, reminiscent of doubts and opportunities which set her artistic journey.

All rights reserved © Robin Hinsch / Âme Nue

Robin Hinsch

The Suwalki Corridor, a 65-kilometer-wide strip of territory linking Poland with Lithuania, is considered NATO’s most vulnerable choke point along its eastern flank and Europe most potential conflict zone. Using this military “Achilles' heel” as a metaphor, Robin Hinsch presents a cinematic sequence of photographic artefacts, hints and thoughts about the future of the European Union.  

Talk: Thursday, 13rd June at 6:30 pm
"Entering the Anthropocene"
Opening: 29.05.19 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

All rights reserved © Filipe Lippe / Âme Nue

Opening: 29.03.19 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Filipe Lippe
Cartographies de L’inconnu

In Cartographies de L’inconnu (Cartographies of the Unknown), the Brazilian artist Filipe Lippe shows an installation, visual poems, paintings and drawings that reflect on the permanence of colonialism in the present and its psychosocial cartography.

Talk: „Entering the Anthropocene” hosted by Fritz Habekuß of DIE ZEIT, with the South America correspondent of DIE ZEIT Thomas Fischermann & the Brazilian artist Filipe Lippe.

All rights reserved © Roman Moriceau / Galerie Derouillon

Opening: 21.02.19 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Roman Moriceau
Our exquisite replica of “eternity”

Âme Nue and DIE ZEIT journalist Fritz Habekuß launch „Entering the Anthropocene”, a new series of talks in which we will begin to explore this new epoch - the epoch of human impact - through the lenses of art and science. Speakers are artist Roman Moriceau and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Frank Fehrenbach (Art historian, Professor at Humboldt University Hamburg & former Senior Professor at Harvard University).

All rights reserved © Lu yang / Âme Nue

Opening : 06.09.18 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Lu Yang
Electromagnetic Brainology

Lu Yang, a Chinese multimedia artist, leads us into a fantastical vision of neurological constructs, spirituality and superhero deities. “Electromagnetic Brainology” is a reference to the Buddhist and Hindu beliefs of the Four Great Elements – Fire, Water, Earth and Air – and the complex understanding of pain emergence in the nervous system. Lu Yang presents four divinities fighting for the upheaval of human existence by stimulating themselves with electromagnetic rays and magical tools.  

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg. CHINA TIME 2018

All rights reserved © Marina Berio / Âme Nue

Opening: 06.06.18 at 7 pm
Two solo Exhibition

Official program OFF Triennale
der Photographie Hamburg 2018

Marina Berio
The space in the mind in the body
in the space

Christine Fenzl
Land der Sonne

All rights reserved © Âme Nue

Opening: 25.05.18 at 7 pm
Group Exhibition

Goodbye Blue Sky
25.05.18 - 03.06.18

Âme Nue’s first curated group show is a contemplative series of daydreams and escapes, a carefully composed narrative of shifting romances.
It is the writing of ‘realities’ expressed for consideration, a succession of thoughts and images by artists who inspired us.

While constantly watching the world unfolding its realism before our eyes, we maintain distant to questions of existence or integrity.
Neither necessarily logical nor distant from the tangible world, this exhibition pictures the quietude of an eluded truth, merely worlds and societies gone with the streams of phantasmagorias, vices and follies.

All rights reserved © Gill Button / Âme Nue

Opening: 02.03.18 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Gill Button
From Iceland to Lalaland
02.03.18 - 24.03.18

With her sensitive style of expression, British painter Gill Button conveys the fascinating beauty of life in oil paintings, watercolours and ink drawings.

« From Iceland to Lalaland », her first solo show at Âme Nue, invites us to contemplate an adventurous story of the imaginary. A narrative exhibition to be experienced as a ballade through landscapes and portraits, including intimate views inside her travel sketchbooks. Opening with a colourful journey through souvenirs of people and places, toward an atmosphere of secrecy, a black and white portrait gallery, the viewer walks through Gill Button's moments of life, thoughts, and emotions.

All rights reserved © Eike König / Âme Nue

Opening: 07.09.17 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Eike König
07.09.17 - 07.10.17

The exhibition « I like your problems » deals with Eike König’s own experiences, essential matters and objects of introspection, expressed as a visually striking language. These are presented to us (as an audience) through various forms of artefacts and manufactured items; a rhythmic succession of messages, arranged typefaces, sprayed words and letterpress prints.

Eike König emphasizes that the fundamental meaning is to be found in words – by creating strong images, grasps of instants and attitudes, of truths, faiths and confidences – as a form of reasoning and revealing a story within a composition.

All rights reserved © Ruth van Beek / Âme Nue

Opening: 23.06.17 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Ruth van Beek
White Dog, Blue Ribbon
23.06.17 - 08.07.17

The exhibition “White Dog, Blue Ribbon” by the Dutch artist Ruth van Beek consists of a variety of poses, a meeting place for figures facing one another, a salon which one enters and where, visibly, a conversation is taking place.

Ruth van Beek shows individuals and the relationship among them. Midway between genre painting, group portrait and installation, this informal circle is an invitation to share discreetly in what we recognize as an interview, discussion, negotiation or sacra conversazione to which they are listening so attentively. A composition in which all the fragments (whether abstract or figurative) of collected images (collages, paintings, drawings, photographs, furnishings, etc) influence the space they occupy.

All rights reserved © Thomas Baldischwyler / Stefan Marx / Alex Solman / Âme Nue

Opening: 31.03.17 at 7 pm
Group Exhibition


Thomas Baldischwyler,
Stefan Marx & Alex Solman
31.03.17 - 15.04.17

Artists Thomas Baldischwyler, Stefan Marx and Alex Solman are connected by a particular genre of artistic practice accessible to everyone and visible on an day-to-day basis: they utilise collective information-distribution techniques (flyer, poster, vinyl record cover) to display their work, a fully-fledged channel of artistic communication for subcultures.

By appearing manifestly within urban and domestic spaces (they are distributed and released on walls and online, people collect and display them at home), they involve themselves in reality and claim their space in the sphere of popular influence.

All rights reserved © Roman Moriceau / Âme Nue

Opening: 03.03.17 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Roman Moriceau
03.03.17 - 18.03.17

Roman Moriceau, a contemporary French artist, generates a composition of thoughts and states of consciousness relating to the particular materiality from which things are made.

The gentle poetry of things and objects – suspended in his mixed media artistic narration, full of tender regrets and vague desire – invites us to contemplate a nature which we consider to exist by itself, protected against change, free from damage or decline. It presents a particular world of fragile beauty endangered by mankind : ephemeral flowers and animals, fleeting scents and insubstantial copper dust.

All rights reserved © Tim Bruening / Âme Nue

Opening: 09.09.16 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Tim Bruening
Wie Gott in Frankreich
09.09.17 - 23.09.17

All rights reserved © We Are Visual / Âme Nue

Opening: 19.02.16 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

We Are Visual
Marc Einsiedel & Felix Jung
Potenzieller raum
19.02.16 - 28.02.16

All rights reserved © Sarah Feuillas / Paul Gregor / Âme Nue

Opening: 25.09.15 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Sarah Feuillas & Paul Gregor
25.09.15 - 03.10.15

With the support of
Institut Français Hamburg.

All rights reserved © Tom Huet / Alexander Trattler / Âme Nue

Opening: 04.09.15 at 7 pm
Solo Exhibition

Paysages Diffractés
/ Gebogene Landschaften

Tom Huet & Alexander Trattler
04.09.15 - 13.09.15

With the support of
Institut Français Hamburg.